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Who We Are

Anytimes Money (Prayagumang Securities Pvt. Ltd.) is an currency exchange service provider company. We are well experienced and we provide solutions to serve our clients in India and other countries.
We are a team of professionals committed to serving our clients with by providing 100% compliance for money exchange.
We also work in the field of travel arrangements for you. With our customized travel plan approach, we ensure that you get the best travel experience.
Currently we operate from Kanpur but we operate for Pan India over the internet.

Our Vision is to deliver the customer services in time to maintain Quality in order to achieve the ultimate destination of customer Satisfaction.

Message From Our Directors

Umang Parasrampuria


Anytimes Money works towards the betterment of the customer client relationship and improving the currency exchange process by making it more feasible for our customers.

Rahul Sutwala


Our Experience defines our excellence. With this in mind we work to ensure a seamless experience for our clients all across the world.

Exchange Rates

We display exchange rates in real time ensuring perfect accuracy in the amount cap being provided to our customers. This one factor makes us stand out in the market and we thus makes it a high competition for both sellers and Buyers.

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